Mountains on Thakhek to Cambodia Road

Town of Thakhek is the headquarters of Khammouane Province of Laos. Located by the Mekong, this unhurried town is surrounded by very tall mountains. A short 30 minute ride along the Cambodia Road takes you to this magical views. Very tall mountains suddenly rising out of plain paddy fields, straight rock cliffs with tufts of forests forming green patches. These awe inspiring steeps are…

Laos Streets , Night life

Golden Temple Kushalnagar

Vat Phu Temple, Sketch

Mekong at Pakse Town in Laos

Standing on the banks of the mighty Mekong river is an overwhelming experience. Huge, calm and incessant. It flows unhurried like the time itself, relentless on its pace. One can only wonder how many kingdoms has come and gone, how many people stood on its banks, happy, sad and most probably a bit philosophical !!

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