Mountains on Thakhek to Cambodia Road

Town of Thakhek is the headquarters of Khammouane Province of Laos. Located by the Mekong, this unhurried town is surrounded by very tall mountains. A short 30 minute ride along the Cambodia Road takes you to this magical views. Very tall mountains suddenly rising out of plain paddy fields, straight rock cliffs with tufts of forests forming green patches. These awe inspiring steeps are something you would very rarely witness. Let me take you to them.

Streets of Paksong – Nights

Lao is a quiet city, even during the day. That quietness, elegance and dignity continues in the night as well. Time flows at its own pace. I am not ruling out beer bars and Karaoke places where younger crowd gather for merry making, that’s another story for another day.  Rest of the town puts on bright colours, with a certain panache not seen in much places, together with the wide open streets and un hurried life, it creates a certain magic. Come, let me share some of those sights with you.

Ammannur Subramanya Swami Temple

Pattambi is an ancient place in Palakkad District of Kerala, India. This places is blessed with the remains of an ancient civilisation that continued to live there for centuries. This temple for Lord Subramanya, a venerable Hindu God must be a few Centuries old, but it will create a lasting impression on anyone who see it.

Ammannur Subramanya Swami Temple

Paksong Temple Festival

We were late to arrive, it was already 7pm. A normally quiet Paksong has taken a new avatar. And what a change it was !! Happy people everywhere, the ground was filled with food stalls and the aroma was very inviting. While on one side of the ground was a stage with sombre traditional Lao dance with soft music, pleasing colours and graceful performers on the other side was another stage exactly opposite, fast paced catchy music beer and cheering youngsters. I could see hopeful youngsters stealing glances, beautiful kids with eyes glued onto the shops and others around lucky dips tables. The energy was amazing and will sure take you to another world, a world of colours, music, food and happiness. Let me take you to some of those moments !!

Vat Phou Temple

The Main Temple Front View

The Vat Phou Temple ruins is located in Champasak about 1 hours’ drive from the city of Pakse in Laos PDR. This is a famous religious as well as tourist attraction dating back to almost 5th Century Khmer rulers. It is grand in its current form. One can only wonder how elegant it would have been in its full Glory. The main festival is in the month of February and is a huge event. Let me take you through the magnificent remains of this yester year wonder.

Mekong at Pakse Town in Laos

Sunset on the banks of the Mighty Mekong River, Pakse, Laos PDR.

Standing on the banks of the mighty Mekong river is an overwhelming experience. Huge, calm and incessant. It flows unhurried like the time itself, relentless on its pace. One can only wonder how many kingdoms has come and gone, how many people stood on its banks, happy, sad and most probably a bit philosophical !!

View showing the Mekong Bridge
View from the Temple