Butterflies in Laos

After the first rains, untill the rains intensifies, rural Boloven Plateu comes alive with swarms of butterflies of various shapes and sizes. Some of them in swarms, some of them loners, small, big, high flyers, low flyers, shy ones, unhurried ones, they come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing is in common. They are all stunningly beautiful. Come let me show you some of them.



Mountains of Xekong

Why these mountains pull me back again and again, I do not know. They are breathtakingly beautiful for sure, but is it just the beauty or is there anything more? Is it the Zen like calm these desolate places bring to a frayed mind? Or is it the realisation that engulf me every time while I stand in the shadows of these giants, how small we all are and how insignificant we are all in the grand scheme of things. I will never know. Come, let me take you to those serene sights. Tread cautiously my friend, let’s not even displace that fallen leaf or harm that humble worm, let the harmony be, just as the creator intended.